Jumpstart Your Marketing With a Truly Irresistible Lead Magnet

Freaking Good Freebie

Create a Droolworthy Showstopping Absolutely Amazing Freebie That Attracts People Who Want to Buy From You

A Great Freebie is a Great Start

You know that your business needs an email list. No matter what industry you're in, you can only benefit from it.

You also know that there's a lot of noise out there and in order to stand out, you need to create a lead magnet, a freebie, that will make an impact.

You also know that a bland  old "Sign up for my newsletter" won't cut it. 

You need to make a SPLASH!

If you've been creating freebies that don't attract people or don't lead to sales, you need this training!

I have created tons of freebies and they all converted over 50% on the landing page, some even blasted over 80%!

They also helped me book out sales calls, get people to sign up for my webinar, and even sell spots in my programs!

Let me help you create a stunning freebie that will make a lasting impact.




Here are some of the things you'll learn in this training:


What makes a freebie irresistible?

How to make your lead magnet stand out so it's not just a file on a pile?

Three must-have key elements your freebie has to have so it converts lookers into buyers!

What should it be about?

What would make a perfect freebie for your audience?

How to choose the right topic so it actually amplifies your sales?


How much should you share?

How to provide outstanding value without giving away the whole farm?

How much you can you share so your ideal clients are not overwhelmed but actually inspired to take further action?


Where can you find the right people?

How to grow an engaged and responsive audinece?

Where can you promote your freebie?

How can you make more sales?

If you want to attract high quality leads, you need to create an exceptional lead magnet - you cannot half-ass your way around it!

This training will save you hours of research and going through trials and errors. Let's get your freebie done - the right way!

This Training Will Be Delivered LIVE on August 20, 2020

At 1pm EST. 
But if you cannot make it live, you will still get access to the recording!

Here's what you get with this live training offer:

  • a no-fluff live 60 min training delivered via Zoom
  • 30 min Q&A at the end of the training
  • FB group for feedback and support
  • Wow Factor - What makes a great freebie Checklist
  • Toe-Curling Titles - Swipefile & Idea Bank
  • Simple Canva Templates to get you started